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TubeSync Guitar Amp Valve Systems

KBO Dynamics - Guitar Tube Amp Biasing, EL34 s valves / tubes and more

Our flagship range of valve amplifier products comes under the brand name of TubeSync®. TubeSync® was developed to overcome many of the problems associated with conventional valve amplification, such as biasing problems, valve longevity and amplifier reliability. The idea behind TubeSync® is to improve both old and new amplifier designs without changing the fundamental amplification process, hence the sound, tone etc. remains the same. TubeSync® has many benefits to both the OEM and end user.

TubeSync® is an intelligent component which when connected into a valve amplifier circuit replaces the conventional passive components used for biasing. TubeSync® also increases output power; reduces the heat generated; automatically monitors and adjust performance and enables automatic standby capability. A major advantage of TubeSync® is that it enables the use of unmatched valves (currently OEMs purchase valves in matched pairs).


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