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Sensor Solutions & Interfaces

KBO Dynamics - Sensor Solutions and Interfaces

We specialise in the design, development of electronic sensor systems, for instrumentation and control. Our expertise in embedded control and algorithms makes us the perfect partner to develop custom solutions whilst utilising commercially available sensors.

An example of senor work includes working with piezoelectric film. Piezoelectric film is an enabling transducer technology with unique capabilities. Piezo film produces a voltage in proportion to compressive or tensile mechanical stress or strain, making it an ideal dynamic strain gage. It makes a highly reliable, low-cost vibration sensor, accelerometer or dynamic switch element and is ideally suited for high fidelity transducers

Complete Supply

A significant proportion of the our company’s resources are directed towards design, development and prototype work, however we have contract manufacturing facilities with fully automated high-speed surface-mount technology, that can provide a full electronic systems at a competitive price. Our preferred partner for sensor interface soltions is Microchip.



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